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    SteelBridge Labs (The Lab), an early stage incubator in the FinTech space, chooses Neo4j as the database of choice for its Rapid Application Development Framework Connex Business Engine. The entire technology team at SteelBridge Labs is Neo4j certified.”Neo4j gives us the flexibility of NoSQL databases while maintaining the ACID characteristics of traditional SQL databases.

    Our experience with Neo4j has been outstanding and has allowed us to model very complex use cases in a very short amount of time,” states Luis Burgos, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer for SteelBridge Labs. The Lab is the only Neo4j partner in South Florida. Neo4j is an internet-scale, native graph database that leverages connected data to help companies build intelligent applications that meet today’s evolving challenges including machine learning and artificial intelligence, fraud detection, real-time recommendations, and master data. As the #1 platform for connected data, Neo4j has over three million downloads, the world’s largest graph developer community, and thousands of graph-powered applications in production. “We’re thrilled that SteelBridge has chosen Neo4j as its database solution of choice for incubating startups in the FinTech industry where Neo4j provides differentiation and agility to top innovators,” said John Broad, Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Channels at Neo4j. “Leveraging a native graph platform from initial development is ideal for startups looking to build valuable solutions on connected data and scale quickly and efficiently. The startups in the SteelBridge Labs portfolio have the potential to be disruptors in the financial industry and we look forward to supporting SteelBridge’s efforts to bring these solutions to market.” For more info visit here.

    Case Studies: 

    Exchangelodge, a Private Capital Business Automation Software powering the digital enterprise in the Alternative Investment space. exchangelodge.com

    Iralogix, a fully automated white-label record keeping software for the retirement space uses Neo4j as its operational database including a multi-currency, double-sided general ledger. iralogix.com

    Connex is a cloud-based enterprise application engine for rapid application development without compromising performance or security. Connex Business Engine is based on Neo4j. connexbe.com