Software continues to improve our way of life; it handles everything from managing your finances on your phone, to making our transportation system safer. However, many ideas for software that get left behind, and unfortunately, fail to rise due to lack of structure or capital. We believe in those ideas, and we invest in them.

We want to hear your idea to see if we can help turn it from a good idea into an exceptional one!

Tiered Participation

We are flexible with how we want to work with you, so we created 3 models as a launching point for the discussion:

1. Capital Model:

The Capital Model provides the capital support and mentorship you need to allow an exceptional idea to flourish.

2. Ideation Model:

The Ideation Model provides capital and mentorship, and adds full operational support to take an exceptional idea to the next level. This model will help you position the idea in the marketplace, gives you infrastructure to build the idea into a product, provides pathways to gain access to key clients, and ultimately turns the idea into an EBITDA positive endeavor.

3. Optimization Model:

The Optimization Model provides capital, mentorship, and full operational support, but also allows you to take an exceptional idea to market NOW. This model provides you with full allocation and direct collaboration with the engineering team in Miami. This model also fully deploys the exceptional idea using Connex Business Engine Foundation software to allow for the most efficient go-to-market opportunity!

What it takes to get in The Lab

We execute due diligence? Just reach out!

  • Send us information on your company
  • Include your pitch deck
  • Include your forecasted budget

To start the discussion contact us and say hello!

How we select investments

  • Initial review of materials
  • If we can see the vision through the materials, and we believe in the idea, we will dig deeper into due diligence
  • Post due diligence, we decide how much capital The Lab wants to contribute. We then float the idea to key investors
  • During capital discussions, we also begin negotiations on the Cap Table and Restrictive Covenants
  • Upon agreement of the capital and Cap Table, we work with attorneys to execute document drafting

What we expect from our founders and management team

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. But for those of us who can do it – and do it right – the reward, pride, and flexibility are limitless.