Lab Approach

SteelBridge Labs will take an idea, put structure around that idea, and help that idea to grow into a successful company. We are transparent with what we offer to our companies, and what we expect from our entrepreneurs and founders, management teams, mentors, and investors. We believe open communication leads to open collaboration and shared ideas, creating optimal opportunity for success.

1. Idea Review and Market Positioning

2. Seed Capital

3. Legal Agreements and Registrations

4. Regulatory Challenges

5. Office Space and Furniture

6. Telecom and Internet

7. Hardware

8. Marketing Materials

9. Whitepapers and Professional Publications

10. Leadership Team

11. Human Capital

12. Fundraising Materials

13. Operations Support

14. Financial Accounting and Tax

15. Bank Accounts and Lines of Credit

16. Payroll and Expense Management

17. Insurance Support

18. Product Development

19. Product Management

20. Sales and Client Prospecting

21. System Implementations and Client Onboarding

22. Relationship Management

23. Employee Manuals and Compliance Policies

24. Strategic Initiatives and Decision-making

What makes SteelBridge Labs different?

1. Connex Business Engine platform

A foundation software platform to get business-oriented applications off the ground immediately. CBE can cut go-to-market times by 50%, solving the critical go-to-market challenge of every early-stage startup.

2. Shared Economics

Our company's cap table looks like any other cap table. We have founders and investors just like the rest. However, we take collaboration a step further in that each of our companies employs “shared economics”. We cross-incent C-level staff by providing small ownership in all the companies in the Lab. This concept has proven critical to the success of collaboration.

3. Tiered Participation

Most technology incubators or VC firms apply one method to supporting companies; it’s their way or the highway. We don’t. Entrepreneurs are driven people and have strong feelings about their ideas. We want to create an environment that breeds mutual respect and a feeling of the greater good. We offer tiered participation in The Lab, resulting in a mutually agreed upon support structure for each company.

4. Methodology with Flexibility

Born out of a boutique management consultancy with roots at Accenture, we believe in defined methodology and a systemic approach to success…it’s what you do when you’re a management consultant. So when working with our companies, we ensure the leaders follow process rigor but stay nimble enough to meet the needs of the marketplace. We work to ensure we all keep what is important front and center.

5. Capital Access

We realize you need capital to build a reasonable plan, so we provide seed capital to help you make it happen. And when successful, we help you recapitalize to take the company to the next level. Our Lab has direct access to investors across the entire funding spectrum; we’ve worked with them for years, and they trust our approach to ensuring their success.

With SteelBridge Labs, you get an opportunity to not only turn an idea into something real, but something real that will scale. We want to help companies that will make an impactful change to the industry in which they believe.