Angel and Family Office Investors

As an investor, you want to find companies in which to invest early. However, the earlier the investment, generally speaking, the greater the risk. Welcome to SteelBridge Labs. We are a proven group of technology entrepreneurs and investors who have been through the ebbs and flows of building companies. We work to minimize the risk for our investing partners. And we cut our teeth as management consultants who have dedicated our careers to making existing companies better.

At The Lab, we take a conservative approach to venture capital investing. You will never hear us talk about the next billion-dollar company; we want to find good ideas and grow them into exceptional companies that truly add value to the industries they are focused.

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Venture Capitalists

At SteelBridge Labs, we focus on the details. We work with entrepreneurs early in the life of a company to build solid companies that get to the next level.

At The Lab, we want our founders and management teams to cultivate the company and grow it to become a value-add industry player. We then equip them to get to the next level…that’s where you come in. Early round growth investing and industry expertise to take a young company to the next level.

If you are looking for a deal factory, you can count on our partner team to provide solid deal flow. We will connect you directly with one of our partners or CEOs to see how we can take a company to the next level.

How to become an investor

As an investor, it’s critical to see around corners and anticipate changes. Invest with SteelBridge Labs to add that extra layer of confidence in making your investment decisions.

At SteelBridge Labs, you have a choice in how you want to participate:

1. Direct Investing

This approach is the most common approach, where you vet companies on an individual basis. Direct investing is great for the investor who has the expertise and is comfortable looking at every company that comes across their desk. However, this model also provides confidence that no company will be presented to you unless it has made it through deep due diligence and the investment committee’s “yes” investment decision.

2. Labs Cornerstone

The Cornerstone approach is offered only to highly seasoned early stage technology investors, proven entrepreneurs, or professional angel investors. This approach is used to grow The Lab because collaboration creates exceptional companies. A Cornerstone investor will pass a thorough due diligence, and a “do we want to work together test” to ensure we have aligned goals. Benefits of being a Cornerstone are the confidence that you are working with a seasoned group of technology entrepreneurs and investors and have an exclusive first look at all investments that make it through initial due diligence. In return, the Cornerstone investor must make a soft commitment to The Lab with the optionality to fund companies you agree are the right fit for your portfolio.