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    PITTSBURGH, August 12, 2019 – The Pittsburgh Venture Capital Association (PVCA) has announced the appointment of SteelBridge Labs Managing Partner, James Haluszczak, to its Board of Directors, effective September 1st. James has 20 years of experience in Financial Services operations, finance, and technology roles.

    As a seasoned Fintech founder and investor, Mr. Haluszczak possesses a deep knowledge of the challenges and emerging opportunities that exist within the early-stage venture capital marketplace. He has founded and held leadership roles inside four currently operating Fintech startup companies, and he and his team have invested in over ten Fintech companies since 2016. James currently sits on the board of four companies, working closely with each company’s management team to ensure focus remains on product quality and aggressive growth.

    “I am eager to work alongside my fellow PVCA Directors to position Pittsburgh and the western Pennsylvania region as a perennial contender for venture investment dollars,” said Mr. Haluszczak. “We are seeing tremendous momentum in our region, and I look forward to helping continue that progress.”

    James Haluszczak is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of SteelBridge Labs, which he and his partners founded in 2016 as an investment firm investing in early-stage Fintech companies. In addition, he is the Founder and Managing Partner of SteelBridge Consulting, a boutique consultancy exclusively focused on serving as a strategic advisor to Private Equity and Venture Capital fund managers, investors, and administrators.

    With the appointment of James Haluszczak, the PVCA’s Board of Directors now consists of twenty-one venture capital leaders. The PVCA works as an advocate for the venture capital industry through networking luncheons, receptions, prominent events like the 3 Rivers Venture Fair and other activities that encourage discussions on topics pertaining to investment trends, financing, tax issues, IPOs, and public policy issues.

    “I look forward to supporting the PVCA in its mission of advocacy for the venture capital industry and entrepreneurialism,” said Mr. Haluszczak.



    Founded in 1982, the Pittsburgh Venture Capital Association (PVCA) is the leading voice of private equity investors in Western Pennsylvania and among the most prominent in the Mid-Atlantic region. Through a wide range of programs, the PVCA facilitates quality deal flow, encourages investor collaboration, and fosters important relationships with key service providers.

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    SteelBridge Labs is an early-stage financial technology incubator. Organically grown from their experience as world-class management consultants at SteelBridge Consulting, the founders of SteelBridge Labs provide selected Fintech startup companies with deep industry experience that arms entrepreneurs with the appropriate tools for success.

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