James Haluszczak

James Haluszczak

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

James is the Managing Partner & Co-Founder of SteelBridge Laboratories (The Lab). He has a rich history of fostering entrepreneurship, both in the financial services sector and the early-stage FinTech space.

At SteelBridge Labs, James works with his team to seed fund and grow each portfolio company. He works with the founders and management teams through revenue generation and later-stage investing rounds. He also provides mentoring and guidance to help ensure that these companies are well positioned for success.

James holds roles on the boards of several companies: Chairman of Exchangelodge, Chairman of NuMoola, Board Member of iraLogix, Board Member of Humanified, and Advisory Board Member of Kervick-Wright Technical Services.

His work began as a management consultant tasked with solving the challenges of private capital fund managers and implementing process and technology to help improve their portfolio assets.  Inspired by these efforts and driven by a desire to solve systemic industry gaps, James joined the management team of an early-stage Private Capital FinTech company, Investran, and was part of that management team as Investran was sold to SunGard in 2006.  James then founded SteelBridge Consulting, a boutique consultancy that he still leads, and he has shepherded its grown to a nationally-recognized provider of services to the global Private Capital marketplace.

Through his efforts as an entrepreneur and consultant James recognized that there were challenges that innovators face that he could help solve. James and his co-founders identified the need to create a welcoming community for financial services technology companies. SteelBridge Labs was born. The Lab team thrives by helping FinTech startups succeed.