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SteelBridge Labs Hosts Latest Event in FinTech CEO Roundtable Series

On September 3rd, the SteelBridge Labs team hosted the latest event in their CEO Roundtable Series. This virtual discussion brought together SteelBridge Labs portfolio company CEOs as well as other startup leaders in the FinTech sector to discuss recent challenges, emerging priorities, and other practices impacting product development.

To kick off the FinTech CEO Roundtable event, SteelBridge Labs was joined by Passalacqua Winery, a Healdsburg, CA-based winery that offers virtual tastings with their handcrafted wines. Following the wine tasting, the FinTech startup leaders explored how their teams are coping in the current pandemic and their approach for assessing strategic growth opportunities in 2021.

Prior to the FinTech CEO Roundtable event, SteelBridge Labs requested that participating CEOs complete a survey to gather insights from their 2020 performance. To review the survey’s findings, click here.

SteelBridge Labs Insights: From the Desk of the CEO, Community Capital Technology

Amid growing economic uncertainty, the state of banking innovation is being tested and FinTech platforms and Financial Institutions must rise to the challenge.

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). As part of this approximately $2 Trillion assistance, $349 billion of temporary relief is now available through the SBA and with evolving backing from the Fed. What does this evolving regulatory landscape mean for financial institutions and their loan portfolios?

Garrett Smith, CEO & Founder of Community Capital Technology, outlines the profound impact COVID-19 may have on the lending market – and how Community Capital (“CCT”) enables financial institutions to effectively manage balance sheet optimization, risk concentration, and new working conditions.

To check out the latest edition of SteelBridge Labs Insights, click here.

James Haluszczak Featured in Bank On It Podcast

James Haluszczak, SteelBridge Labs Co-Founder and Managing Partner, is a featured guest on the Bank On It Podcast. Hosted by John Siracusa, this podcast focuses on impressive FinTech leaders and entrepreneurs to uncover the amazing stories behind them.

In this latest episode, James dives into the story behind SteelBridge Labs and how the Lab Partners support and develop FinTech startups that directly address needs within the financial services and institutional investment marketplace.

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James Haluszczak Featured in Piper Creative’s Latest Podcast

James Haluszczak, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of SteelBridge Laboratories, is thrilled to be featured in Piper Creative CEO Aaron Watson’s latest podcast. In this conversation, James and Aaron discuss scaling a consulting firm, finding deal flow for investing, and helping a young company grow.

Thank you to Aaron Watson and the Piper Creative team for joining James at the SteelBridge Labs office to discuss FinTech and the SteelBridge Labs journey.

SteelBridge Labs Insights: Tech Strategy Best Practices

In the latest edition of SteelBridge Labs Insights, our Technology Solutions team offers technical expertise and industry perspectives on technology strategy best practices. This report explores the difficulties associated with traditional database engines and how emerging solutions can help companies better utilize available data.

In recent years, digital storage has become more affordable with the accessibility of cloud-based technology. The core challenge, however, remains the same: utilizing massive volumes of data to gain business value. Selecting the proper database engine to perform complex data queries is a major investment for firms, and relatively new solutions with graph-based features are now being considered. Navigating the database engine landscape appears daunting, but key solutions stand out from the crowd.

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